Wombat Cubes

Episode link: Recorded March 14th, 2022 This week was a bit of an adventure. As always. We also tackled a question about cancel culture and in doing so we did speak about a certain Wizarding author and her very problematic views on trans* people, and in case in escapes anyone, I put a reminder … Continue reading Wombat Cubes

An Unsettling Stream… Of Consciousness

Episode link: Recorded February 28th, 2022 Back to our regularly scheduled shenanigans. Except not, as we’re also dealing with more Post-concussion syndrom for Doc. As well as maybe some anxiety for Senppai? Either way both of our brains were having a hell of a time. We got into a few interesting topics this week … Continue reading An Unsettling Stream… Of Consciousness

Lack of Energy

I wasn’t really sure where to put it but since this applies to… Well, everything, I figured part of the development blog would be fitting. CW: severe depression, racism, as well as mention of abuse and suicide. I have not gotten a podcast out all month. Obviously. I have streamed very intermittently here and there. … Continue reading Lack of Energy

I am finding myself at a loss of what to say for this last year. My Christmas Day sub-a-thon went for 17 hours and 36 minutes, give or take a couple minutes for my opening screen. It was amazing. I spoke a little bit about how hard holidays are for me since the passing of … Continue reading


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Development updates will be posted periodically here, just to keep everyone up to date on what I’m working on and how things are coming along.

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