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Recorded August 17th, 2022

We have a weird thing with our audio this week. Okay Senppai has the weird thing because I keep having to change settings for stream and it messes me up. Someone please remind me to write down my settings on a post-it so I can remember to change them.

We also riffed on job interview questions, because they suck!

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Questions we answered today:

  • Frances B – why do people think they can refuse something they’re legally required to do?
  • Ryan T – What was the name of Henry VIII’s best friend’s 2nd cousin’s wife’s brother in law?
  • Mr JClean -You have been teleported to a new alien world populated by a sentient industrious alien race where humans are considered a cryptid (like bigfoot, mothman, loch ness, etc). What is the cryptid legend you create for yourself? 
  • Can Ray – What is your least favorite question to be asked?

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