Late Lighting

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Recorded July 4th

So… Things hit the fan again. Surprise. Honestly when we get through the beginning part of the episode you’ll understand why, and then we weren’t able to record this last week, so a late episode is better than no episode again!

Also spoiler alert: Senppai did not go to Prozzak, the show was cancelled, and instead we went to Thor: Love and Thunder. Which was great!

We got into a lot of talk about patriarchy, war, capitalism… Is any of this really a surprise from us anymore?

Please take a look at the podcasts Senppai highlighted in this episode, namely Kuper Island from CBC Podcasts as well as Telling Our Twisted *Histories* also by CBC Podcasts to learn more about Indigenous issues in Canada. And please, do not let this be the end of your education about these issues.

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Questions we answered today:

  • Aerie W – Why do women get labeled as “difficult” when we are trying to stand up for ourselves? 
  • Mr JClean – You no longer need to breathe, but you must wash your hands once an hour to survive (except when asleep). Do you accept? As a secondary question to the previous, do you inflict this upon all of humanity?
  • Jonathan L – Why haven’t we, as a modern society with so much automation, decapitalized those facets of life which can be fully automated and collectively agreed to produce and share resources equitably?
  • Aerie W – Why is it that as soon as a man cries in public, there are memes about it?
  • Mr JClean – Several groups are actively working towards fusion energy. If successful and capable of producing massive quantities of stable energy, what do you think would be the ramifications on the economy and the world as a whole?
  • Jonathan L – Why don’t we create a freedom colony where people can flee to it if they don’t like living here?

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