Senppai Solo Again?

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Recorded June 22nd

Things hit the fan this week, so today is a solo episode

Happy Pride month from Creative Conundrums!!!

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Chromatic Dungeons

Never Going Home presented by Critical Failsafe

Consent in Gaming

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Questions we answered today:

  • Dave A – In the movie Wall-e it’s proven that he had the skills to repair himself. But he went and took parts and pieces from other Wall-E units to the point that he had a room full of parts. My question is – is Wall-E a cannibal?
  • Mr JClean – You are given a one time opportunity. In exchange for one cell from your body you may cause one person to become permanently immune to a single disease. How many (if any) cells do you exchange?
  • Aerie W – Why is there never any baby changing stations in the men’s washroom? 
  • Jason E – Why do people refuse to believe in Science and Medicine?
  • Carloclese C – What IS consciousness?
  • Mr JClean – Imagine you have two abilities. The ability to teleport to someone and the ability to teleport someone to you. Which ability do you think you would use more often?

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