The Origins of Captain Cropdust

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Recorded May 23rd, 2022

We got into some pretty deep topics today. We were not fully expecting it from some of them, but the state of Earth has our minds in a grip. We did at least have a good couple of weeks between both Doc and Senppai, however, so enjoy that part of it!

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Chromatic Dungeons

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Consent in Gaming

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Questions we answered today:

  • Aerie W – Why are autistic women constantly misdiagnosed with other disorders like Borderline personality disorder, or labeled “crazy”, or “need to get laid”?
  • Mr JClean – You find yourself imprisoned in an alien arena where you must fight a man size competitor to be freed. Which type of man size species do you fight? A. Reptilian B. Mammalian C.Arthropod D. Cephalopod
  • Mike H – If you could retcon any narrative decision in modern media (say, anything released within your own lifetime), what would it be and why? How would your change alter the franchise going forward?
  • Steven J – Why are you so sexy?
  • Jonathan L – Why don’t we learn how money and finance work in high school?

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