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Recorded May 9th, 2022

Apologies for the late release, apparently my sleep has been a little lacking and said “no.”

Doc and I got into a lot of creative things these last couple weeks, so we spent awhile talking about TikTok today. Some of our questions this week were also pretty heavy and, predictably, we got into some tangents. Enjoy!

Oh also the term I was thinking of into the episode is “Ikigai.”

Here is a link to Living Through Extinction that we also discussed on Podchaser. I am unaware of a specific landing page that Ruby has, but please go listen and if you can support through Patreon, please do!

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Questions we answered today:

  • Aerie W – Why do women get brushed off at doctors when we have legit issues that need to be taken care of? 
  • Carloclese C – What is the meaning of a good life?
  • Jonathan L – Why do people vote into power, other people who will not represent their best interests?
  • Ryan C – Why is 42 the answer?

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