Morse Bark

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Recorded April 11th, 2022

We got into a slight bit of heaviness again in the beginning this week. It just seems that the hits keep coming and really won’t stop as we discuss some panic attacks, and some medical stuff as well. But we make up for it later by talking about Pokemon and villains dancing. That’s how that balance works right?

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Questions we answered today:

  • Ryan C – What is the answer to the universe?
  • Fred Y – In a race of Imperial starships, what would win?
  • Tracy G – Why am I up at 6am?
  • Xw – How shall I make my Tortle Barbarian/Monk of open palm have bagpipes coming out of his back… and then how do I make that a sound weapon?
  • Cyarra P – But if I give you my questions, won’t I run out?
  • Mark G – Who do you think the best dancer is between Elric, Vecna, Strahd, E.T., The Terminator, Michigan J. Frog, and Doctor Doom?

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