Our Mortality Stink

Episode link: https://creative-conundrums.captivate.fm/episode/our-mortality-stink

Recorded March 28th, 2022

Today, we talked about how we’ve both been sick a little bit over the last couple weeks, including Senppai having COVID and Doc having… Well, we don’t know what, but he’s been sick. On top of our regular depression and the regular mental health shenanigans. That’s a nice way of putting it.

We also launched our Discord server and Ko-fi memership over the weekend as well! We will still be taking questions through our e-mail, however, we would love to invite you to share your questions primarily there as it helps me (Senppai) put them all together.

Again, our Discord server: https://discord.gg/sTXt4fxdfV

And our Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/creativeconundrums

Please let us know as well what you would like to see for Ko-fi type content. You can reach us on our socials or our e-mail at creativeconundrums@outlook.com.

Chromatic Dungeons

Doc’s Geek Therapeutics: https://www.geektherapeutics.com/

Geek Therapeutics on Twitch

Heckin Good Doggos

Never Going Home presented by Critical Failsafe

Consent in Gaming

Senppai’s Pretzel Affiliate Get DMCA-free music and also help a creator out!

Questions we answered today:

  • Sean M – Pathfinder or D&D?
  • Rosemarie M – Remember the times in the 70-90s when certain things were funny but won’t fly in present day? What 3 movies in no particular order made you LOL back then but not so much now?
  • David R – Why has my fantasy hockey team won five out of the last six games and I’m STILL in the basement?
  • Megan N – Why is the weed always gone?
  • Richard B – If you’re us and we’re you, what number are we thinking of?

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