Wombat Cubes

Episode link: https://creative-conundrums.captivate.fm/episode/wombat-cubes

Recorded March 14th, 2022

This week was a bit of an adventure. As always. We also tackled a question about cancel culture and in doing so we did speak about a certain Wizarding author and her very problematic views on trans* people, and in case in escapes anyone, I put a reminder here, that I, Senppai, Toni, fall under the trans* umbrella as a non-binary person.

We also talked about Wombat poop and I promised I’d link this BBC article. Nature is wild.

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Questions we answered today:

  • Darran H – What is your favourite rice, or rice replacement dish?
  • Benjamin H – Have you tried out your phones? Talking to speech type thingy? That didn’t work out quite right but I’m not fixing it so yeah
  • Mike H – When you delete messages on an answering machine, where does the sound go?
  • Rosemarie M – Cancel culture, how far is too far?
  • Jessica S – Why can’t I poop squares like wombats?
  • Kevin R – How much dock would a Doc-chuck chuck is a Doc-chuck could chuck dock?
  • Heather H – Oh my God so many questions for you which one do I ask!?!?
  • Rosemarie M – Sex Ed, how young of an age should it be taught in school?
  • Frances B – what’s going on with my tummy
  • Adam K – Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?
  • Carlos P – What does God need with a starship?

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