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Recorded February 14th, CW: Suicidal thoughts, severe depression, parenting

Both Doc and I get very heavy today with what we’ve been dealing with, and we did get a little graphic with where we’ve been. If you would like to skip all of that, the timestamp to do so is: 15:45

We mostly talked about some of the feedback we’ve gotten the last little bit and some of the ideas for a Patreon-type service that we’d very much like to do, as well as some of the barriers to be able to do some of them and how we’d like to do them when/if possible. If you have more ideas for us, please, let us know!

Also, yes, I have switched up our posting schedule, I was having trouble with the extra week in between recording and posting, so this is to help me with being able to record and edit all in one week.

Please let us know as well what you think about our theme music, as well as what you’d like to see from Doc and Senppai with Patreon/Ko-fi type content. You can reach us on our socials or our e-mail at

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Heckin Good Doggos

I have not been able to find the voice actors adapting Never Going Home, I will update this if I get the link from Doc, but I never got the name of it, nor do I know who is involved.
Never Going Home presented by Critical Failsafe

Consent in Gaming

Senppai’s Pretzel Affiliate Get DMCA-free music and also help a creator out!

Questions we answered today:

  • Absolutely none, apologies, we only went into the feedback we got as well as ideas for Patreon-type service.

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