Hot Dragons

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Recorded January 31st and things have changed since then… so that’s been fun.

We very briefly mention the truck convoy in Canada, so consider this your warning. I personally cannot deal with it too much at this point, so we kept it brief for those reasons. And we moved on pretty quickly to some much more fun stuff. Enjoy!

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Questions we answered today:

  • Crystal M – How can I support you?
  • Rosemarie M – If you could bring back a celebrity from the dead, who would it be? And how would you like to hang out with them for a day?
  • Erik S – Don’t you wish you had fur?
  • Ruby P – Why do I live where the air burns my lungs and hurts my face?
  • Mike G – Why is it so hot? And, what am I doing in this basket?
  • Pictoria Secreet – If I smashed a bottle of ketchup over your head, could you tell the difference between the ketchup and your blood?
  • Brian F – Where did I put that thing?
  • Rosemarie M – Favorite hidden gems in Winnipeg?
  • Matthew W – Favorite line you have ever written?
  • Jennifer H – Why does my skeleton keep moving inside my body.

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