Doc and Senppai Save the World

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We’ve come up with yet another plan to save the entire world… again. Too bad it just won’t happen. We do mention a couple heavy things in a couple moments as well, the questions give some pretty good hints as to where they are as well if you want to take a peak at those before you listen.

We’ve both had a few terrible things over the last couple weeks, including COVID related things as well. All in all, it’s been pretty tough to handle, but hey, we’re here, and hopefully we’ll make you laugh! Also new learning opportunities for Senppai (slight spoiler, they have swapped from Java to something else.)

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Heckin Good Doggos

Coyote and Crowe

Questions we answered today:

  • Rosemarie M – Best parenting advice you can give to new parents?
  • Matthew O – What’s you most anticipated game (rpg, videogame, etc.) coming in 2022?
  • Bodi M – Please share something you learned during the hiatus which we can all take with us into the new year?
  • Christopher C – If there’s a bright center to the universe, is this the planet it’s farthest from?
  • David A – If you could wish for anything, other than money, that would impact the world… what would it be?
  • Megan N – When can I get googley 👀 on Doogie the Dog?
  • Eric S – What do you do after you poke a bugbear?
  • Keely B – Biggest achievement for 2021 or best time spent?
  • Gavriel Q – Favourite Dice?
  • Barb B – What’s the best way to move forward after the loss of a special friendship

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