Karaoke Confession

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Today, Senppai has a Karaoke confession for you all. This may be a surprising revelation for some, or it might not be surprising at all. It’s actually pretty late in the episode, but it’s still pretty funny. Earlier in the episode, we also got very sad about the state of the world in a panasonic, so please remember to wear your masks, wash your hands, and when you can get vaccinated, please do.

We’re also almost through our backlog of questions so please, send us more, either to our e-mail, or to us directly through other means!

Ben’s work

Questions given to us today:

  • Ed P – Are you planning on robbing Santa clause and take his sack full of gifts for yourself
  • Jerson S – Life in theory should pass on but will end… So do you think it as a whole will limit itself or pass on infinitely
  • Colin C – How can anyone think that there is going to be to much Star Wars?
  • Stephanie D – Best potatoes. Your opinions.
  • Robert S – You are given the power to speak and understand any one language, what do you choose and why?
  • Matthew O – What song, at least 10 years old, would you choose to karaoke for – dun dun DUN – your life.
  • Garrett A – What number am I thinking of right now?
  • Carlo C – Is it 2022 yet?
  • Eric S -Why do orange crayons not taste like Oranges?

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