UPS and Downs

Check out the episode here:

Senppai has had a trying couple of weeks… To say the least. We discussed some Canadian politics as well, and if you are confused by any of these, we’re only a little sorry because our lives are being royally screwed by them.

We also discovered a giant gap in Doc’s media consumption from the early 2000s. Enjoy Senppai being shook for a whole 5 minutes when they find out Doc hasn’t even heard of Osmosis Jones.

Ben’s work

Questions given to us today:

  • Aillen T – What is gravity and how do you make an anti-grav?
  • Keely B – Favorite Dr.Who companion/doctor
  • Jen N – They call them fingers, but they don’t fing…
  • Matthew O – What did you do for New Year’s Day?
  • Ed P – Did you cry when you watch Inside Out at the end as well?
  • Jerson S – If mars has ice it would have water near its core so life could be found.. so theoretically should we bring weapons on our first trip to protect ourselves.
  • Jen N – What’s a colour? Think about it. It will blow ur mind.
  • Jennifer H – What Kevin would look like with no hair? COVID-19 hair cuts!
  • Terrie K – Why is there anything at all?
  • Jerson S – If bad people disappeared tomorrow.. and since bad is subjected to the people how many do you think would actually stay? Or what would the margin of bad would you let through

Check out the episode here:

Our first episode together again after the lovely winter weather that we love to deal with!

You also get a free lesson in Economics from Doc, brought to you by the letter P!

Ben’s work

Answers given to us today:

  • Cyarra P and Corey T – Why?
  • Ed P – How do they get the Carmel in the Carmel bar
  • Diana V – How?
  • Dusty R – How many cups of sugar does it take to get to the moon?
  • Ed P – Are you running for Prime Minister ?
  • Bobby T – Is it better to inspire change in others, or be an inspiration?
  • Jerson S – Define art and how someone can be bad at it?
  • Ruby P – Will things get better?
  • Ed P – Is Star Trek better than Star Wars?

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