Crotchal Area of the Christmas Tree

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And we’re back to … Not our scheduled carnage and mayhem. And yup. That’s where we belong on the tree. Or maybe the butt area? Do trees even have butts? Or crotches for that matter?

I’ll leave the heavy lifting to the philosophers to answer that question. (Sorry, not sorry.) Today we decided to talk about some of the things we’ve liked about holidays past, maybe some more sad stuff. As well as our plans for the holidays, including Senppai’s 12 days of Winter Veil happening on Twitch from Dec 14th to 25th, from 6pm-8pm Central time.

Additionally, Doc rewrote the Night Before Christmas, and Senppai read How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Let’s get everyone in some festive mood before the holidays and round out this year with… Something good.

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