Parasite Metal

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Returning back to our properly scheduled carnage, we are back! In full swing and in preparation for Winter Veil. Except no D&D this year.

This is also my official call, let’s get Doc to make that metal album! Listen to the episode to find out more and hit us up on Twitter!

Ben’s work

Answers given to us today:

  • Christopher R – What is the meaning of Lief?
  • Dave S – A store owner by me is highly problematic, but the store and its staff are decent people….do I call attention to it? Do I let it lie? They’re also Warlord Games affiliates….
  • Xw – If you could only play ONE video game system for the rest of your life – which one would it be – and why?
  • Thomas S – My question is this: Is it feasible to send like 70 million people to an alternate earth that they wouldn’t notice being sent there?
  • Kyle R – First fictional character’s death you legitimately cried over.
  • Bobby T – Will Greyhawk return in 5E, either from WotC or third party?
  • Nathan T – If you could be transported to anytime within a fictional universe and keep your knowledge, would you and what event would you try and change?
  • Matthew O – Did I recently see you share a memory of LEGO minifigs standing in for the lush Over Da Boards minis which will someday exist?
  • Stephanie D – Fuck Pallister. Oh, you said questions?
  • Mike E – Hairy butthole or waxed smooth?
  • Cyarra P – No! I wants my questions. hiss
  • Nicholas H – What do wasps have to do with fertilizing figs?

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