Trebek-Style Failings

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In today’s episode, Doc’s idea was to come up with our answers as questions to answers that others have given us. It’s…. Great! We were given some that did not fit the criteria so those were removed from the list. Apologies but we did need to fit the criteria of Jeopardy for this whole bit.

Ben’s work

Answers given to us today:

  • Ben H – That dribbly bit at the end
  • Thomas S – The battle cry used by the Earth Mightest Heroes.
  • Chris H – Tofu, and lots of it
  • David R – Ninevah
  • Tyler O – 53
  • John K – Its acronym is 4C, which is also the title that Kevin has in the Canadian military.
  • Rebecca B – It’s just some people’s way of saying they love somebody.
  • Gregory S – It is the largest of the Iowa class battleships
  • Rebecca B – The same place thoughts come from.
  • Dyson L – Magnolia-scented asparagus.
  • Leslie B – This person has the most fun with googly eyes.
  • James H – Dostoevsky.
  • James W – Pump-kin
  • Edd G – 46
  • Jordy B – And that’s how I ended up in this pool of jell-0
  • Ian S – Alcohol
  • Eric P – In ASCII, this number gives you a symbol meaning anything you want
  • Shannon M and F Douglas Wall – 42
  • Stephanie D – Fuck Pallister.
  • Jason K – Way of Drunken Master
  • Jonathan L – Kung Fu
  • Matthew O – Winnipeg is home to this almost entirely pun-based humor podcast.
  • An N – Your favourite board/tabletop game
  • Nathan K – A flatulent zebra
  • Nicholas B – The Pyramid
  • Dan S – 4lbs of hickory smoked chicken
  • Ciji Marie – Passive aggressive post-it notes.
  • Eric H – Cthulhu Fart.
  • David B – This is the best in life
  • Kevin R – Two Halflings in a trenchcoat.
  • Steve D – The end of cheese
  • Sarah A – These words are spelled the same both forwards and backwards
  • Troy T – Will totally disappear after the election
  • David A – Potato
  • Jason B – Twelve
  • Robin B – These decorations (often applied in pairs) make almost any object more fun.
  • Ian A – MC Hammer
  • Cyarra P – Plague rats
  • Jason P – Bullette
  • Dave S – 2020
  • Bobby T – This late 90’s CCG was based on combat between creatures from two popular movie franchises.
  • Carlo C – Woodchucks

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