Nathanos Blightcaller

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Finally we get to talk about Nathanos Marris, now known as Blightcaller, the Champion of the Banshee Queen. We did cheat a little in that we talked about him in the novel Shadows Rising, but we didn’t go over some details about him.

We also get to go over how Senppai feels about Nathanos. Spoiler, they wanna punch Nathanos. With glaives. From every character.

Oh and Senppai has merch! For both podcasts as well as my own logo. Check it out here! Stickers are coming later this month on October 17th when Senppai does a huge 12 hour giveaway stream! Four game time tokens for WoW are up for grabs as well as two sets of stickers, with them going up for sale on the site that same day! Check Twitter for more details!

Music Kevin MacLeod
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