Halloween Spooptacular Number 2

Check out the episode here: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-ug27v-f0c538

This year Senppai got to choose which horror thing to take a look at and the winner was a movie called Pontypool! We absolutely DO spoil it, so if you don’t want a movie from 2008 to be spoiled, go watch it before you listen to this episode.

Senppai read Part One of The Princess by Alex Lemley. This story starts off as a part 0 right here for you to check it out if you’d like. There was just not enough time to fit all THIRTEEN parts into the episode. You can also take a look at more work on Rocketlex’s Tumblr and Twitter!

Doc wrote a personal story again this year, and of course delivers it in the creepy way only Doc can. Please enjoy! And a huge thank you to Wet Ink Games for allowing Doc to use the setting for Never Going Home!

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