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Doc is back with an all new computer, so we get to record with webcams on while we give each other evil looks and apparently try to derail each other even when we’re not trying.

Not only do today’s interruptions include a Jarvis purring as usually right into the mic, but also Skynet Google Home starts talking and nearly scares the crap out of Senppai.

Ben’s work

Questions we answered today:

  • John E – What do you check Facebook on the most? Laptop, desktop, phone, tablet, etc?
  • Thomas E – Why do you do this to yourself?
  • John D – Do the players in Over Da Boards have their hometowns listed on their cards?
  • Corey T – Cut or uncut?
  • Josh C – Where did I misplace my cell phone!?!? I’ve been looking all over the house for it.
  • Morgan C – Do we truly have free will?
  • Morgan C – Who wins this fight: grizzly bear vs Siberian tiger
  • Thomas S – Do you have 99 problems and do any of them involve dragons?
  • David R – What is the capital of Assyria? (Need to know to cross a bridge)
  • Steve D – You’re not promising to help though are you? Just point and laugh?
  • Bodi M – Please tell me the story of how you two decided to do the podcast?
  • Eric S – Can a Bard really do magic, or is it slight of hand and part of the act?

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