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This month we broke from our regular format to bring you some stories from some fellow WoW players in the community.

Meet Nox of Thrall, a hunter and a myriad of healers, and she’s also a wonderful artist!

Meet ToddFastFretFingers of the Seangeek Podcast, who does not currently play as seriously as… well, most of us. But we love it anyway.

Meet Kayso of Lightbringer, a warrior at heart, and almost everywhere else it counts. He’s also a mod of Senppai’s.

Meet Ellelaith, or Ellie, a fellow Twitch streamer and Warcraft content creator, who also battles thyroid disease. Check her out at

Meet Celheals, who also happens to be from Winnipeg, and is a fellow Twitch streamer and Warcraft content creator, who is fighting for LGBTQIA+ representation one day at a time. Check him out at

And of course, what story episode would be complete without some stories from Senppai?

Oh and Senppai has merch! For both podcasts as well as my own logo. Check it out here! Stickers are coming later this month on October 17th when Senppai does a huge 12 hour giveaway stream! Four game time tokens for WoW are up for grabs as well as two sets of stickers, with them going up for sale on the site that same day! Check Twitter for more details!

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