Dragon Problems

Check out the episode here: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-ckj3m-ecfe79

This week’s been a little dull for Senppai, but everything’s coming up Doc! … In time. It’s still taking time.

Also has Senppai mentioned how naked their head is yet?

Ben’s work

Questions we answered today:

  • John E – What do you check Facebook on the most? Laptop, desktop, phone, tablet, etc?
  • Thomas E – Why do you do this to yourself?
  • John D – Do the players in Over Da Boards have their hometowns listed on their cards?
  • Corey T – Cut or uncut?
  • Josh C – Where did I misplace my cell phone!?!? I’ve been looking all over the house for it.
  • Morgan C – Do we truly have free will?
  • Morgan C – Who wins this fight: grizzly bear vs Siberian tiger
  • Thomas S – Do you have 99 problems and do any of them involve dragons?
  • David R – What is the capital of Assyria? (Need to know to cross a bridge)
  • Steve D – You’re not promising to help though are you? Just point and laugh?
  • Bodi M – Please tell me the story of how you two decided to do the podcast?
  • Eric S – Can a Bard really do magic, or is it slight of hand and part of the act?

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