Dark Christmas

Check out the episode here: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-486w5-e8efe0

There are apparently some dark, dark feelings around Christmas for Senppai that maybe. This whole episode just got a bit of a dark spin on it. So we’re dark today.

We spoke again about our own work for the Manitoba Podcast Festival! A little bit. Behind the scenes stuff is still happening on that. You can also follow the Festival twitter itself right here: https://twitter.com/mbpodfest

Ben’s work

Questions we answered today:

  • David R – What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  • Ben H – wut be de best of Christmas spirits?
  • Darran H – also who be the best Christmas spirit
  • Bodi M – Haben Sie etwas gegen Uns? (Do you have something against us?)
  • Lucy R – What question do you want me to answer?
  • Justin S – Why don’t you ever look at me when we make love?
  • Kevin P – Is “the new normal” like “the new Coke”? We will get “normal classic” in a few months?
  • Xaq F – How come when we send packages by ship it’s called cargo, but when we send packages by car it’s called shipment?
  • Thomas E – Why do fools fall in love?
  • Carlo C – If someone copies a Lego structure, would that be block to block duplication? follow up question: if then someone dismantles the copy, would that then be deduplication?
  • Mike E – When will Donald Trump join his brother Robert?

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