Canadian Templated Deer

Check out the episode here!

Shenanigans afoot, as we get into a couple deeper subjects again, and then some ridiculously fun conversation. Also a couple recipes in there, too, that sound absolutely delicious.

We talked about some programs and software we use last time, but Doc had left one out, and this week he remembered what it was. It was LMMS Studio! That link is the SourceForge download page, if you want to get into some music composition, this is what Doc swears by.

As always, you can reach us on Facebook for Doc, and Twitter for Senppai. For more Senppai, come hang out on Twitch, where they’re probably streaming WoW or … Nah, it’s probably WoW.

Questions this week are:

  • Sean M – Have you watched the Circle yet and does it seem strangely appropriate for the times?
  • Sean M – as it relates to online tabletop D&D, there are various tools to simulate tabletop but still keep going back to Skype to use real maps, real dice and real minis. Which do you prefer? Skype or other?
  • Ben H – Ah put Googly eyes onna egg to decorate fer Easter. What did you do?
  • Mike H – What 2 societal changes would you most want to see once we’re out of pandemic mode?
  • Matthew O – What’s your favorite tree?
  • Chelsea M – What pandemic mode recipes have you made that were surprisingly good? What was the most weird?
  • Tim E – Why did you have to become Glitter Anime Jesus? Why, man, why?
  • Kevin R – Topic: sports as Bard colleges.
  • Jason K – Topic: How would you stat out specific anthropomorphic animal players races for 5e that don’t already exist?Penguins? Bears? Emu? Moths? whatever!
  • Diana P – Is “yummy” considered a class?
  • Brandon A – Is Canadian a Class?
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