Hi there! I’m Toni, creator of the Squiddyverse.

Yes, we have changed the name of the Nonerverse, and everything will be Squiddyverse from now on.

This is the home for all that I do, from my podcasts, to my videos, everything will be here.

The current line-up

Creative Conundrums

Myself and my friend Doc talk about what we’re doing creatively, as well as answer some…. Interesting questions, along with some equally interesting topics.

Senppai on Twitch!

Senppai streams (mostly) World of Warcraft on Twitch. I really do try to stream more than WoW, but hey, to do lists. Come check it out!

Azeroth: A History

My friend Bam-Bam has been coerced into hearing about the history of Azeroth and how it fits into today’s lore of World of Warcraft. We also have some commentary and jokes.

Teespring Store (NEW)

You can now get both podcast logos as well as Senppai’s squid logo on a T-shirt, a Tanktop or a mug! And they look amazing and excellent! More to come soon!

Senppai’s videos

I make lore videos and occasionally machinima for YouTube as well. More are coming, as well as our Machinima with Bam-Bam series, which is available a week early to Azeroth: A History Patrons.

Handmade Merch (NEW)

Starting to make a few items here and there by hand for sale. There will be more to come in the future, so be sure to check it out!

More to come soon!

Do you have any questions for me or my co-hosts?

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